In December 2018, Agence Webdiffusion simultaneously linked New York, London and Montréal for a very interactive Town Hall. Our chosen challenge? A maximum of one half second delay between what we received, when we broadcast in the room and what we returned as video images to our teams on location in NY and London.

This event was much more than live webcasting: it was real-time! And all this in ultra HD. In our era of instantaneous and multiple real-time communications, our team successfully pulled off this highly ambitious tech project.


CLIENT: Senik Events
EVENT: Simultaneous, real-time video between three cities
YEAR: 2017


Webcast objectives

  • Create an interactive digital experience that brings together the employees from our client’s 3 offices: Montréal, New York and London



  • Customize, in real-time, each city’s
  • Simultaneously manage each city’s team and video stream
  • Digitally insert New York and London participants into the expert panel