The École des Entrepreneurs du Québec is the only school in the province dedicated to preparing tomorrow’s business leaders. Attendees include students with an entrepreneurial spirit, experienced teachers and speakers. The speakers, often public figures, count dozens of years of experience and offer free unforgettable conferences.

Entrepreneurship is so vital that two new schools will open their doors in 2018-2019. Webcasting is key to bringing together Quebec’s business community and inspiring innovation!


CLIENT: École des entrepeneurs du Québec
EVENT: Numerous conferences
YEARS: 2017 and 2018
PROJECT: Live webcasting


Webcasting objectives

  • Expand the audience: Grant many entrepreneurial hubs across Quebec access to the Montréal conferences
  • Certain regional micro events are organized in movie theatres to watch the live webcasts on a giant screen!
  • Reveal the École des entrepreneurs du Québec’s development initiatives


« Expanding the audience is key to promoting the school and business development. Thanks to the webcasts, the École des entrepreneurs du Québec’s key conferences can be seen by entrepreneurs throughout Quebec.»

– École des entrepreneurs du Québec –



  • Jessica Harnois

  • Mariouche Gagné et Diane Lanctôt: Histoire d’un partenariat et d’une fusion d’entreprise

  • Pierre Karl Péladeau – Parcours entrepreneurial

  • Midi-conférence : Claude Bigras

  • Midi-conférence avec Serge Beauchemin – Démarrez avec créativité et audace