It goes without saying in 2017, video, particularly live video, is front and centre. Not surprising when you learn that video is shared 1200% more on social media than text. Integrating live webcasting into your communications or events obviously means “video, video, video,” but doing so allows you to revolutionize your relationship with the audience: coverage becomes worldwide! Your sponsors will be thrilled to hear this and you’ll have the luxury of offering them new video sponsorships before, during or after the event.

Voici des événements pour lesquels la webdiffusion se positionne comme un effet de levier, pour élargir son auditoire et amplifier l’impact du message à transmettre.


Product launch

Whether the launch of a new product, the year’s activities programme or a promotional campaign, live webcasting transforms your message, making it accessible to everyone, simultaneously! Regardless of the location, your audience will be able to connect and get up-to-date. Grasp you audience’s attention via a live product demonstration or allow your influential spokesperson to take the floor. It is important to offer an online experience that engages consumers first-hand and following the event. The best ad is one where the consumer makes the ad!


Information session on current issues

Are you a professional association or a trade union? New issues spring up without warning? Rally your members by gathering them for a live online meeting. No matter their location, they will get informed and will be given the opportunity to interact with you. You will be able to answer their questions and demonstrate your committed.


“Team building” information meeting

Work for a large company and wish to inform your employees about the adoption of a new strategy, highlight an individual’s achievements, or simply go over last year’s results? Instead of gathering your employees in a room twice a year or sending them a two-page long email, by creating a live webcast, you standardize information and engage personnel towards a common goal. And…no need to pay for a lunch!


Professional training

You offer in-class training to employees needing mandatory continuing education credits? Although the programme content is relevant, their schedules are busy and travel is an issue? While continuing to offer in-class training, presenting a live webcast is an interesting option, which only engages them for the time of the event. The result? You significantly increase the number of participants, generate more revenue and all your training sessions will be archived for future reference.


Seminar or convention

As per continuing education, seminars and conferences are key events that bring together professionals from a same field. But, the reality is that not everyone has the time or the means to attend. Now you can offer professionals the option to attend an event from the comfort of their home. And, fear not, your on-site attendance will not be affected; networking is the primary reason that people choose to attend conferences. Live webcasting simply enables you to reach a previously non-accessible audience; 93% of event organizers who added a virtual component to their event said that offering online access helped surpass their objectives.


Press conference

Want to address the media and benefit from national coverage, but you are in a remote location? Significantly increase your media reach by broadcasting your press conference live online. It’s simple: everyone will have access to your event live or at a later date. And, to make things easier, the media can download the video file in broadcast quality.

Every live communication opportunity becomes a TV show. At a time when sponsors demand visibility beyond a simple logo displayed during a broadcast, webcasting is a strategy that attracts sponsors and adds value to business partnerships. In addition, you will have videos to share and… your event will live on forever!


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