The millennials (also known as generation Y), born between 1982 and 2000, who grew up with technology may present a challenge for employers. Their values and convictions may be different from baby boomers; isn’t this what they call progress?

In many areas, their reality is different from previous generations. They were born at the same time as the IT boom. Technology has created expectations, ideals, even norms, in both their personal lives and their professional lives. Webcasting is part of the 2.0 progress that they are currently living. In fact, according to the 2016 Communication Monitoring Report, the percentage of French Canadians who only watch Internet TV has doubled between 2012 and 2015. The evidence is clear, everything converges to the Web.

Here are three facts relating to the millennials’ values that merit, even a slight, turn towards 2.0. Adapting your technology use will reassure them as it illustrates a will to share their values, listen to their needs and a desire to evolve.


Though aware of the importance of working in a common location, millennials wonder why its still the norm today. You say that this simplifies team communication. They reply that there are tools that will enable everyone to communicate as efficiently and stay on the same page. Young people prefer to work from home. It only makes them happier: they gain at least 2 hours a day (and avoid traffic) and this time is mostly used to accomplish their professional tasks. This makes them appreciate their work even more; they feel like they are making a greater contribution. A win-win situation for all!

Webcasting is a solution that is adapted to the telecommuting concept. No need to send an entire team to a conference for a few days. When an event is broadcast live online, everyone has access! And, as always, some will attend in person to take advantage of the networking opportunities, while others, who may have wanted to attend, but cannot due to budget and time constraints, will have remote access during or after the broadcast. Think of the positive effect that providing access to the content will generate in terms of commitment and mobilization. Isn’t it amazing?

Using technology

Regardless of what previous generations may believe, technology for millennials is an indispensable work tool. When using their smartphones during work hours, chances are they are searching for info or how to do something, interrogating their network, or even arranging their schedule. They have numerous resources and know exactly how to use technology, which they master, to their advantage. As an employer, you benefit from allowing mobile devices to be used during work hours. It can only improve results. This generation was born connected!

Webcasting is a technology that deserves to be endorsed. Your future managers will be able complete online training and attend live online conferences on topics relating to their professional interests. All this, using a laptop or a smartphone. Employees will see that you are keen to make your company more technologically savvy, which may convince them that you are making efforts to update yourself as well!

Short, dynamic (and, why not, virtual?) meetings

Millennials (and likely a substantial portion of the population) hate long-drawn-out meetings. More so, they hate ineffectiveness and wasting time. They believe that meetings, although necessary, should be short, efficient and especially, dynamic! Doing so upholds motivation, even better, they get back to work quickly! This generation loves action!

Among other things, webcasting allows you to (virtually) bring your employees together and communicate key information; everyone is aligned, without even changing locations. If your employees are spread out across many regions or even a few buildings, webcasting is a tool that you will no longer go without. Imagine, once a month, bringing your 500 employees together and knowing they are all up-to-date…. This solution is aligned with the 2.0 turn and will please your millennial workers. Hurray for efficiency, reduced travel costs and shared information!

By showing interest in who they are and listening, even a little, to their ideas and point of view, you will quickly realize that millennials are creative, cunning, educated and informed. They have convictions and ambitions, even more so, an extremely developed sense of community. They want to make a difference! For this reason, by slightly adapting to their 2.0 reality, you will come out ahead! And, this is exactly what webcasting helps you achieve!

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