Agence Webdiffusion specializes in producing online video projects and live events. The company offers strategy and advising services to propel client events to a higher level and boost participation rate.

In this digital era, organizations must adapt to make the most of points of contact around the world and increase the impact of their communications thanks to sustainable investments. It is with this in mind that the Agence Webdiffusion team continuously supports its clients in their endeavours.
In 2013, Daniel Tremblay, a video production hybrid, and Claudia Baillargeon, a communication enthusiast, founded Agence Webdiffusion, along with former colleagues. Their fundamental mission: contribute to knowledge sharing.

From the get go, these entrepreneurs and their team innovate by creating their own webcasting channel. Wanting to maximize the benefits and increase the scope of their clients’ events, in 2017, they complete their offering by adding a strategic component. In 2018, the team achieves its first international mandate for the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montréal. This took place in Germany, at the Hannover Messe event, the world’s largest industrial fair.

The company continues to grow within the prestigious business community thanks to colossal projects such as: President Barack Obama’s visit to Montréal; a conference featuring, Michelle Obama, the former First Lady; and the live trilingual webcast of the 12th Metropolis World Congress event.

Today, Agence Webdiffusion broadcasts its talent and expertise to mandates all over North America, Europe and even parts of Asia.

At Agence Webdiffusion, our mantra: “Together, we change the world, one video at a time” is felt in every one of our interactions and projects. Here they are:
The relationships that we nurture are built on confidence. The success of every project relies on the synergy of the team.
A video is more than a video! It must take into consideration the viewing context, the interests, the audience and the goals. Behind every creation is strategic thinking and tangible data leading to concrete business results.
Maximize every content’s scope and make our clients shine. When the strategy is well-defined and everyone is driving towards the same goal, success is inevitable.